(After Fifty) An exhibition of Niavaran's search experiences

2022 June 12

 Fifty" will be unveiled on Friday, June 17, in Gallery No. 1 of Niavaran Cultural Center. The works displayed in this exhibition are a summary of about four decades of experience and passing the fiftieth anniversary of this artist, which is the product of Corona's lonely time! Ahmad Ariamanesh was born in Hamedan and holds a master's degree in calligraphy from the Iranian Calligraphers Association and a master's degree in urban management.
During the past years, he has participated in many exhibitions, including Sarban, Vali, Mozhdeh, Pardis Mellat, Contemporary Museum, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran Auction, and other galleries in many countries, including England, France, Switzerland, Algeria, Italy, and Turkey. , Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States, his works are on display.

The present collection is a selection of Ariamanesh's personal collections, each of which has its own theoretical birthplace. According to the time, place and inner state, he enters one of the conditions of his collections and depicts the desired space from fantasy to reality.
Ariamanesh believes that he builds his works on the basis of a mixture of love and reason, because he believes that man is always in interaction and confrontation with these two phenomena, and sometimes he wins in this battle of reason, and sometimes love… basically the world It is full of contrasting elements. From night and day to ugly and beautiful and low and high and… to wisdom and love…!

It is worth mentioning that the works displayed in this exhibition are the latest experiences of this artist in painting and typography, which is very close to the painting space.

Those interested in visiting this exhibition can visit Niavaran Cultural Center on weekdays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on holidays from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It should be noted that this exhibition will last until July 25.